Tennis Racquet Grip Size

You might not think that the grip size on your tennis racquet is necessary, but it makes a big difference. If you aim for an awesome game, this is one of the things you have to check first: your grip has to fit your hand. And you can achieve it with some simple measurements. Having a proper grip will not only improve your game, but it will decrease the chances of getting injuries on your hand, palm or even your elbow.

What happens if the grip is too small?

When your racquet has a little grip, you will notice that you use more muscles to keep the racquet from twisting in your hand and this is a thing that affects your game in the court. You will also feel this problem in your elbow because of the pressure you put on your arm to ply with an unfit grip.

What happens if the grip is too large?

A larger grip is perfect if you’re hitting in a straight line but can cause problems. Like the small one, using a bigger one will put pressure on your muscles, and you will see that your wrist will snap during serves and you’ll get the elbow problems, just like the smaller one. Another problem when using a larger grip is that it seems very comfortable in your hand and you will have adaptation problems when switching to a smaller grip.

The racquet grip has to be perfect for your hand. Otherwise, it will affect your game, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and it will affect your arm, in the long run.

How to measure your grip size

Two simple ways can help you find out your grip size.

The first one you can do without a racquet: take a ruler and align it with your ring finger. Measure from the point the ruler intersects your bottom life-line to the point of your finger, as you can see in the picture. You will find that the size will be between four inches and four ⅝ inches. With that dimension, you can now go and buy your racquet.

For the second method, you can try the grip of a racquet directly. Hold the racquet in your hand and place the index of your left hand as you see in the picture. If your index finger fits between your palm and your fingers, this is a perfect size for you.

If your hand is between sizes, always go for the smaller size as you can always try an overgrip that might help you solve the problem.

Handle shape, and the type of grip you are using are two factors you need to consider when you choose to use an overgrip. It will add half or one full size to your racquet, and you will have a better control on your racquet while using this on top of your grip. You usually need to put it on in a case of a small grip that needs to be thicker.

With that being said, below you have our picks for the best tennis racquet grip size .

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