Sports Ambassadors Program

People to People Sports Ambassador Programs offer student athletes in grades 5-12 the opportunity to compete internationally, train with world-class coaches, and develop leadership skills, self confidence, and a foundation for success in a globalized world. Program delegations come from local communities, so students make friends locally before they travel globally.


As a People to People Sports Ambassador participating in the Ambassador Games in Austria, you will meet, compete against, and make friends with athletes from around the world. You’ll also get to explore Vienna, one of the world’s great cities, off the field. You’ll walk in Mozart’s footsteps at the magnificent Schonbrunn Palace, and gain some new perspectives about yourself, your country, and the world at large. You will:

  • Add Olympic-style international competition to your sports experience
  • Discover more about yourself as a person and an athlete
  • Interact with coaches and athletes from around the world
  • Understand the legacy of World War II at Mauthausen Concentration Camp
  • Explore the different sights, sounds, and cultures of Austria


Take your game to the next level by joining People to People Sports Ambassador Programs in Brazil, where you will experience the “beautiful game” of soccer at its highest level. Athletes from across the United States will train with top American and Brazilian coaches before putting their skills to the test against teams from Brazil.

As a Sports Ambassador, you will make lasting friendships and memories while training with Brazilian coaches at the famous Santa Filomena Training Center. Exposure to Brazilian-style soccer teaches players to be creative and express themselves through individual and team play.

Off the field, you will experience the exotic sights, sounds, and culture of Brazil through access to:

  • Christ the Redeemer statue and the amazing Sugar Loaf
  • The famed Maracana Stadium, once the world’s biggest soccer stadium
  • Beach soccer classes and a two versus two header competition
  • Sightseeing expeditions and bustling restaurants featuring local specialties

This very rich soccer experience in one of the most soccer-friendly countries in the world will certainly broaden both your international horizons and your appreciation for the great game of “futebol.”

England and France

This program is a grand slam indeed, taking you from Paris to London and many points in between. France is where it all began in tennis, so it’s only fitting that your program starts in Paris, where the enthusiastic support of royal players helped popularize the sport. French coaches will help you boost your game before you move on to gain even more new perspectives on the courts of England. It’s all in preparation for representing your country in competition against teams from all over the world.

Your horizons both on and off the court will stretch in amazing ways as you:

  • Explore Paris from the heights of the Eiffel Tower to the sublime exhibits of the Louvre to a behind-the-scenes look at Roland Garros Stadium, home of the French Open
  • Train for a mini-tournament with your fellow Ambassadors at the Caen Tennis Club
  • Honor the heroes who stormed ashore on D-Day as you walk the beaches of Normandy
  • Go backstage at Wimbledon, home of the most famous tournament of all
  • Take in London, from the infamous Tower to the London Eye
  • Try your hand at the very English sport of cricket
  • Soak up new skills and different styles of play from new coaches and your fellow competitors during four days of tournament play
  • Experience the thrill of international competition and the joy of making friends from around the world

Opportunities to train with such varied coaches and to explore the most famed venues in tennis come to few outside the professional circuit. This unique program combines the best aspects of training, competition, and international travel to create one of the richest tennis experiences you may ever have.


All student athletes previously invited to Holland are now invited to Youth Friendship Games Austria.

Why is there a host country change?

At this point in time we feel the best opportunity for our student athletes is the Youth Friendship Games in Vienna, Austria.  The determining factors of this decision are:

  • Over 6,000 athletes participating
  • Over 25 countries attending
  • Level of coaching
  • Overall student athlete experience

We feel this change will allow our student athletes to have the best opportunity to learn and grow as an athlete and person, and experience the power of sport to unite diverse cultures in the best overall experience we can offer.

We feel very confident that the training, international competition, and cultural opportunities you will experience in Austria represent the best People to People Sports Ambassadors Programs has to offer.

South Pacific

Learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible on this unique program focused on individual and team achievement. You will take an amazing race through Fiji, boost your self-confidence in New Zealand, and live among Olympic athletes at Australia’s premier sports facility. The skills gained on this program will help you achieve your goals for the rest of your life.

  • Discover your own limits—and learn how to break through them
  • Learn to be a great team member in the People to People Auckland Challenge
  • Meet with New Zealand’s equivalent of a rock star: a former member of the All Black world champion rugby team
  • Sail Sydney Harbour
  • Meet and mingle with Olympic athletes during a stay at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
  • Discover life in the South Seas firsthand as you visit a native village and spend a couple of nights on a Pacific island
  • Visit a Fijiian school and talk to the students

Preparing for a Journey

Your People to People Sports Ambassador journey starts locally.

Before Sports Ambassadors embark on their program, student athletes and their families will join us for orientation sessions that prepare them for the journey. People to People Ambassador Programs holds four three-hour or six two-hour orientation meetings that introduce athletes and parents to their local delegation. Friendships often begin at these very first meetings, so students make connections locally before they travel and make more friends abroad.

In addition to introductions, these highly important orientation sessions:

  • Teach families about the People to People Ambassador Program mission, including the importance of ambassadorial behavior abroad.
  • Educate students and families about the culture and history of destination countries.
  • Provide students and parents detailed information about what program participants need to pack.
  • Give delegates and their families the opportunity to review all air, land, and/or sea travel details.
  • Allow everyone to review and discuss safety policies and procedures.
  • Provide an opportunity to ask any other questions participants and their families may have about the journey.


Q:Who is People To People?

A:People to People Ambassador Programs bridge cultural and political borders through education and exchange, making the world a better place for future generations. Through our programs, each Ambassador develops self-awareness, a sense of belonging, and a greater awareness of their significance in the global community.

Q:How are athletes invited to participate in the program?

A:Athletes receive an invitation to be Sports Ambassadors through nominations by:

  • Former Sports Ambassadors and their parents
  • Area coaches involved with People to People Ambassador Programs
  • A variety of coordinating organizations for the individual sports, such as:
    • Soccer – American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), Cal South
    • Bowling – United States Bowling Congress (USBC)
    • Tennis – United States Tennis Association (USTA)
    • Swimming – USA Swimming
    • Volleyball – USA Volleyball and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
    • Baseball/Basketball – Amateur Athletic Union
    • Wrestling – USA Wrestling

Q:How much does the program cost?

A:Tuition varies by program and includes accommodations, most meals, and much more. Because of the vast difference in our programs, we provide tuition details during the application process. For a full explanation of your program and the tuition, please attend your local information meeting.

Q:How do I reserve my spot at a meeting?

A:Go to the reserve a seat page on this site. Once you log in with your name and Personal Identification Number, information about your meeting location, time, and date will appear and you will receive a confirmation of your meeting reservation.

Q:What can I expect at the meeting?

A:Meetings last about one hour. At your information meeting, you will:

  • Learn about the programs we offer
  • Meet alumni, their families, and coaches
  • Talk about tuition details
  • Receive application materials
  • Get all your other questions answered

Q:Who should go to the meeting?

A:While we encourage the entire family to attend and learn about this life-changing opportunity, it is not necessary. We do recommend that the invited student attend with at least one parent or guardian.

Q:How can I enroll?

A:The first step is to attend an information meeting where you and your family will learn all about your program and obtain application materials. Then you can submit an application with three recommendations online. Your area leaders will review your application materials and contact you to set up an interview.

After your interview, we will notify you about your acceptance as a Sports Ambassador. If accepted into the program, you will attend three orientation meetings that will provide all the details you’ll need to embark on your journey.

Q:Where is my meeting?

A:You can find the details of your meeting by logging in to the reserve area with your name and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN is located in your invitation letter.

Q:Can I attend a different meeting?

A:While we encourage you to attend the meeting to which you were invited, we understand other time commitments. We will be happy to find an alternate meeting for you.

Q:What is the sport leader to athlete ratio?

A:Each team is assigned a head coach. Including additional program staff, the adult to athlete ratio is 1 to 10

Q:Who are the sports leaders?

A Area Sports Administrator:  Prior to travel, the Area Sports Administrator (ASA) is responsible for communications, scheduling, and paperwork.

Athletic Directors: Athletic directors serve as liaisons between event organizers, coaches, team leaders, and on-site program staff.

Coaches: Coaches conduct interviews and orientation meetings and help you prepare for travel. They work with athletes before departure and throughout the travel experience.

Delegation Managers: The delegation manager is an English-speaking guide familiar with the destination countries. This person will act as the facilitator for your journey, coordinating your schedule and ensuring that our program specifications are met.

Team Leaders: Team leaders help to conduct your interview and orientation meetings. They also work with student athletes throughout the travel experience and supervise activities.

Q:How do you choose the leaders?

A:Many coaches and team leaders are recommended to us by Sports Ambassadors and their families, or by current leaders on the program. People to People also works with a selected team of athletic advisors from across the country to identify potential coaching candidates.

All potential leaders complete an application process similar to that of the athlete. We interview all potential leaders and require them to submit professional and personal recommendations. Preference is given to individuals with professional coaching experience and/or teaching experience.

Background checks: All athletic directors, area sports administrators, coaches, and team leaders go through a formal background check.