Best Longboard and Skateboard Bearings


All those who started practicing this sport know that bearings are one of the most important parts when it comes to “flying on board.” Most of them look the same, but their specifications can tell you which could be the best bearings for longboards. You want to search for something that is durable, produces little friction and gives you all the speed you need. If you are more into skateboarding, you are probably asking “Which are the best skateboard bearings” and what type you should purchase.


Skateboard bearings work on longboards too?

This is a common question for those who just started to practice this sport. In this case, the answer is yes; you can use the same type of bearings both on skateboards and longboards. Ball bearings are utilized for these sports and made of five parts: of course, balls (most of them have seven balls), shield, inner race, retainer and outer race. They can be used on both types of boards because the dimensions are standard.


Bearing size and ABEC ratin

The ABEC scale was developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee and is created to design bearing manufacturers the dimensions they need to meet the standards for a bearing specified class. Also, the manufacturers have to know the dimensional tolerances to create pieces that will house the bearing.

The ABEC created five classes that go from the largest to the smallest tolerances: 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. (1 indicating the lowest precision, efficiency and speed capabilities). The higher classes are the best and give your bearings precision, great speed or efficiency. But the ABEC rating comes with some missing factors: it doesn’t specify any materials suitable for usage, noise, vibration or lubricant. This rating can also help a buyer decide which kind of bearings he needs even if the scale doesn’t provide details about materials or performance.

To help you find what kind of bearings you might need for your skateboard or longboard, we presented here the best bearings you can find, with great details about their specifications, materials used and products that received fantastic reviews from people who tried them out.

To help you with a search, we listed here some of the most requested bearings on the market. They’ll give you the speed and the smoothness you craved for, and you won’t be bothered by the noise your skateboard or longboard will make while riding it. Besides that, we also added some products that will help you if you are a heavy skater: what lubricant to use, which are the best bearings for downhill and some info about the importance of cleaning your bearings and wheels.

Always protect yourself while skating

Even if you’re a beginner or a pro, accidents can happen even if it’s your fault or not. It’s better to prevent such a thing than having real injuries. Always try to be careful and use a helmet that fits you. If you fall off, the helmet will protect your head and if you are worried about feeling ugly with it, buy some stickers and apply them on to feel special. You can also use a quality board that won’t break if you jump too hard on it. If you’re into downhill and drift a lot, a pair of slide gloves should take care of your hands at high speed. If you’re a beginner, we strongly advise you to use pads while skating.

Another safety trick is to learn how to fall. Knowing some of these techniques might help you ditch some severe bruises and pain.

 Top 4 Best Longboard and Skateboard Bearings

Precision Hurricane Skate Bearings



Package and technical specifications: The package contains eight pieces, work for skateboard, longboard and inline skates, made of different materials (depending on what you choose). The set also comes with bearing spacers

About the product: Made of ceramic (will last longer and will give you high speed), titanium or Swiss steel.

Performance and reviews: These bearings bring quality to a new level! You won’t have to worry about the friction or durability because these products have it all. Besides that, you’ll have speed and smoothness! Remember that the ceramic bearings will not expand because of the heat and that the package also comes with a nice NEAL sticker to put on your board. You’ll see the difference right away, and you’ll never go back to your old bearings. Also, many reviews say that these are the best longboard and skateboard bearings, better than any brand on the market. Try them out and let us know what you think!

  • Long lasting
  • Produce little friction
  • Cons:
  • Ceramic bearings are more expensive than any other bearings

Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings



Package and technical specifications: Come in a small black and red box with instructions, logo sticker and the eight bearings set (bearings have chromium steel balls inside).These bearings don’t follow the ABEC rating; they’re supposed to be faster and last longer than those who meet the scale.

About the product: The bearings are pre-lubricated, are easy to clean and re-lubricate, fast, durable, designed for skateboard and longboard, no for electric motors.

Performance and reviews: These Bones Red Bearings are made primarily to provide you speed and fitted for ground impacts and unusual turns, mostly for downhill. You will see the difference between your old bearings and these Bones at once and, more than that, you will find the affordable and suitable for requires. Besides, you will see that the bearings already have Bones Speed Cream lubricant.

  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting

Yellow Jacket Skateboards Rollerblades Pre Lubricated



Package and technical specifications: 608 Premium Bearings, pre-lubricated for great speed, colored in blue, yellow, red or green with paint that protects your bearings from dirt and rocks, bearing balls made of chromed steel, sturdy nylon cage, spacers included.

About the product: These Yellow Jacket Bearings are perfect for skateboard, rollerblades, longboards, are already lubricated, and manufacturers brag that every product is hand inspected before market release.

Performance and Reviews: One of the reasons why this brand has so many buyers is that the goods are durable and not very expensive. And after all, isn’t that what we all want? Excellent quality and low prices, right? These Yellow Jacket bearings compete with many well-known brands, and they can face the competition because of their amazing products. Some say they provide more speed and even more durability, others love them because of the excellent protection they have when bearings face dust, rocks or hard landings.

  • Great quality price report
  • Durable
  • Incredible speed
  • Affordable
  • Cons: Make noise

Zealous Bearings Longboards Skateboards



Package and technical specifications: These bearings have green rubber to keep the dirt and dust out, come in an eight pieces pack, ready to use one you take them out of the box, pre-lubricated with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease. Also, the product has built-in spacers. Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.2 x 0.8 inches ; 4.8 ounces

About the product: This fantastic lubricant the company used assures you that it will minimize friction (the percentage is 0.003%, and that’s almost nothing) and fills all the spaces in your bearings. The nano ceramic compound found in the lube will destroy all the asperities.

Performance and reviews: Most reviews say that these bearings require almost no maintenance and that this rookie test should not fool you: spinning the wheels once you mounted the bearings. They should start turning real fast only after you used your skateboard or longboard a couple of times.

  • Affordable
  • Nano ceramic lube inside
  • Almost no maintenance required
  • Cons: Wheel won’t spin fast at first use

Best Downhill Longboard Bearings

Package and technical specifications: Weight: 3.5 ounces. These longboard or skateboard bearings don’t have seven balls inside like most of the other products. The Tektonic Seismic Bearings have only six rolling devices that the manufacturer claims they’re bigger, more resistant and stronger than the usual ones and come with bearing spacers.



About the product: This six ball technology should grant you less friction, will permit you to accelerate faster and easily gain speed and will stand the durability test. The balls have a P4 coefficient that (the biggest when it comes to your bearings quality).

Performance and reviews: Another thing that this company offers are the best lubricants available on the market. These Tekton bearings autocorrect all anomalies when riding your skateboard or longboard such as axle straightness or diameter. With all that happening you will obtain a better control on your wheels. The inner race is shaped under sealant to stop contamination, and you can also find a small washer inside the bearing. The fact that these bearings are durable makes them one of the best downhill longboard bearings, and you should give them more attention when choosing something to buy.

  • No annoying noise
  • Durable
  • Producers use the best lubricants
  • Nylon retainers
  • Black outer casings
  • Removable rubber-coated steel seals with printed graphic


  • Compared to others, expensive

Rush Downhill Bombers Titanium Bearings

Package and technical specifications: These Rush Downhill bearings are plated with titanium, weight 3.8 ounces and have ABEC 9 precision. Also, in the box, you will find a lubricant that will keep your wheels spinning and bearing spacers.



Performance and reviews: Opinions split when we talk about the Rush Downhill bearings, some say that they are one of the best, run smooth and make no noise, others complained that after long rides the titanium goes away and the bearings will be silver. Otherwise, the quality is the highest on the market (ABEC 9, even if some say that an ABEC 9 might be worst than ABEC 7, for example).

  • ABEC 9 quality
  • Package comes with lubricant
  • Run smooth
  • Plated with titanium


  • Not very durable

Best Longboard Bearings for Speed

Package and technical specifications: One set of 8 bearings, with ABEC 9 quality, suitable for longboards and skateboards. Shields made of plastic; Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 1 inches; 3.2 ounces.

About the product: Already lubricated bearings, ready to use once you took them out of the box.

Performance and reviews: Because of the very low selling price many people tend to think that these CJESLNA Bearings are not a big deal, but people’s comments prove the contrary.



Some say that they are wonderfully smooth and fast and durable. The speed is a crucial part when it comes to bearings, and people seem to praise them a lot after trying them out, making them the best longboard bearings for speed.

  • Full speed
  • Low price
  • Smooth


  • Not durable

Seismic Tekton Skateboard Bearings Record


Package and technical specifications: The package comes with a set of 8 Seismic Tekton bearings, ABEC 7 rating, steel balls inside, nylon retainers, comes with flanged half-spacers.

About the product: These bearings are not just surprisingly good, they’re AMAZING. A thing you should know about them is that Mischo Erban obtained the world record for speed on a longboard using exactly these particular bearings. Impressive, right? An extra reason to buy them.

Performance and Reviews: All reviews agreed to one thing: Seismic Tekton Skateboard Bearings are one of the best bearings when it comes to skateboards or longboards. They don’t make a lot of noise like many other products, and they are dust and dirt resistant.



At first, they’re not very fast, but after they break in, you’ll see their real speed. Another thing to consider is that the price is also quite reasonable, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on them. Besides that, the bearings are already pre-lubricated, and they are ready to use and while riding your board, they will self-stabilize the wheels even if the ground presents damages.

  • Affordable
  • Dustproof
  • ABEC 7 rating

Best Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Package and technical specifications: The set contains eight bearings, pre-lubricated with 100% Synthetic ACER Racing SIN Oil, made of ceramic, dimensions: 3 x 1 x 3 inches

About the product: These ACER Racer Ceramic Bearings are made of the best materials to provide you the best quality for your ride. The balls have a diamond polish for smoothness and thanks to the fabric material; this product will stand the durability test. The balls are melted at a 2552 degrees F temperature and lubricated with an oil that supports from -50 to +120 degrees Celsius. Isn’t it awesome? And these are just some qualities that make these products the best ceramic skateboard bearings in the world.

Performance and Reviews: Not only the company categorizes them as one of the best, but also the customers who are jubilant with the products. The HSR bearing cage is durable and keeps the dust and dirt away, the bearings are easy to clean, but you’ll have to pay some real money to get them.

  • ABEC 7 rating
  • Smooth
  • Long lasting
  • Made of ceramic
  • Diamond polish


  • Expensive

Rush Downhill Bombers Stainless Bearings

Package and technical specifications: The set contains eight beatings and comes with its lube and spacers; made of ceramic and stainless steel; weight: 2.2 ounces.

About the product: These Rush Ceramic Stainless Bearing are perfect if you like to do extreme sports with your board, especially if you love downhill. And for this you need some high-quality bearings that are silent, durable, resistant, and that give you speed.



Performance and reviews: Made of stainless steel and ceramic, a feature that confuses a lot of people. The truth is that only one of the bearing balls has ceramic texture. In general, buyers seem to be quite impressed by these bearings, they give you speed, and they are durable, precisely the way you wished.

  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Ceramic and stainless steel
  • Great quality price report

Did you ever wonder why you can’t tighten up your axel nuts all the way down and have your wheel spinning?

Bearing spacers are imperative because they keep your bearings in place, and they also help you avoid excessive pressure on them. There are some problems you can just avoid by purchasing the spacers because the packages you by contain bearings, spacers, and even lubricant.

The wheels tend to keep moving when they’re not tightened all the way down. This procedure can cause volatility, a thing you don’t want to experience. Also, this makes a lot of noise and vibration that will shake you and even kick you off the board.

Another common problem appears when you’re not using spacers. The pressure increases on your bearings, and they can even explode if you’re skating too hard or make quick turns, etc.

Don’t forget that spacers keep your wheels locked and you won’t have your experience that annoying noise, vibration or bearing explosions.The last of all, where you find spacers, you find speed! That happens because the spacers help you get your bearings rotate at the same time. When spacers are absent, they won’t probably switch the way they have to, a fact that will make your speed decrease a lot.

Lubricate your bearings!

Most of you want to ride your skateboards or longboards fast. Well, if you enjoy that, you really should know that to maintain your speed you have to lubricate your bearings from time to time. Some riders use grease, others oil, some even acetone, buy the main idea is to keep them lubed. Even if many manufacturers say that their bearings don’t need lubricant, this is not true.

If you use grease on the bearings, you’ll have to lube them rarely but will cut off the speed power. On the other hand, oils do the opposite. A fantastic tip is to clean them after every ride on a rainy day otherwise you’ll have to fight the noise and the lower power of your bearings.

Best Bearing Lubricant

Bones Speed Bearing Lubricant Single

Package: One pack with bearing lubricant, 1.1 x 1.2 x 2.9 inches, 0.2 ounces.

About the product: This Bones Lubricant is designed to keep your bearings in good health, easy to use, perfect for longboards and skateboards.



Performance and reviews: Heat and friction can cause damage to your bearings. Why buy new ones when you can take care of the ones you have and extend their life. To keep them in good shape use lubricant, and you’ll discover that they will work nice, fast and smooth. All reviews say that using this product makes your bearings ride as new. If you don’t want to end up on YouTube with funny fails, try to take care of your wheels and bearings. Who intends to be a star in a tumble caused by freezing or locked wheels? Nobody, right?

  • Protects bearings
  • Extends your bearings life
  • No locked wheels


  • May slow you down a little after the first usage