Best Airsoft BBs


Using poor quality BBs is like putting cheap gasoline in your new car or motorcycle. No one wants to mess with vital engine parts just to save a few cents per gallon. The same logic applies in airsoft. If you spent a decent amount of money on a quality gun, it makes no sense to go for cheap BBs.


Cheap BBs cost… more!

Cheap BBs can crack or deform and get stuck in your magazine or even worse, in your gear box. And that costs a lot more than buying good quality BBs. Not to mention the fun factor, bad BBs lack in precision, they don’t have a consistent trajectory and usually have a lower range.

The aim of this article is to gather all the available data on BBs and provide all the info you need before purchasing your ammo.

How to choose the best airsoft BBs

  • Shape: they have to be perfectly spherical, no imperfections. Such BBs are labeled as seamless, that’s the first thing you should look for.
  • Material: the BBs have to be hard, and they should not break on impact, or even worse – shatter (especially against mesh goggles). You can test this by smashing a sample with a hammer. Good BBs should be flat as pancakes, but not broken, while bad ones would break into fragments.
  • Consistency: BBs should have no air bubbles inside.
  • Bio: most fields require biodegradable BBs. Even bios will take some good years to decompose in the field, but that’s considerably less than traditional ones.

Choose the right BB weight

  • 12g – mostly used in target shooting and for low-end guns: spring pistols and Air Rifle Pro, LPAEGs (Low Power AEGs). They are usually cheap and unreliable.
  • 20g – they’ve been the industry standard for a while now; they’re the most popular weight. These BBs are heavier, so they have better accuracy and better quality overall. They’re used in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and mostly indoor. They’re perfect for entry level players.
  • 25g & 0.28g – used for high-quality guns, but slightly below 400 FPS (feet per second)
  • 30g – ideal for outdoor. The extra weight makes it easier for the BBs to cut through the wind and have better precision in long shots.
  • 40g – used for guns above 450 FPs or 500FPS DMRs but it’s mainly the industry standard for snipers.


With all these criteria in mind the best airsoft BB brands that most of the players would include in their favorites list (not necessarily in this order): Airsoft Elite, G&G, Bioval, GoldenBall, TSD, ICS

Top Best Airsoft BBs Brands


Airsoft Elite

The main Airsoft Elite lines are the Precision and Bio BBs.

  • Seamless, correctly calibrated for excellent accuracy
  • The Bios are supposed to decompose in compost condition in 180 days, which makes them the best biodegradable airsoft BBs
  • Bottle package, easy to carry, easy to pour in the magazine and easy to re-seal (it’s vital for the bios to keep them dry)

They’re all standard 6mm whites and come in different weights:

Airsoft Elite BIOS:

Available in these weights and number of rounds (you must select):

0.20g / 0.25g / 0.28g / 0.32g   in bottles of 2700 or 5000 rounds



If you’re looking for a very good deal you try to buy in bulk with this offer:

0.20g / 32.000 rounds / Biodegradable / 8 re-sealable bags



Airsoft Elite Precision:

Available in these weights and number of rounds (you must select):

0.20g / 0.25g in bottles of 2700 or 5000 rounds




  • Seamless, high consistency and no fabrication faults
  • Precision and accuracy
  • TSD Tactical line has great QA processes and guarantees no jamming incidents on their BBs
  • Standard 6mm whites

TSD Competition Grade 6mm plastic airsoft BBs, 0.20g, 5000 rds


TSD Tactical 5,000 ct. Bag Biodegradeable White Airsoft BBs (6mm, 0.26g)





The ProSlicks is the high-end GoldenBall line.

  • Seamless, perfectly polished BBs
  • Thorough QA system to provide top quality BBs with high density and consistency for great accuracy
  • Advertised gain of 8-15 FPS on a standard metal gearbox AEG
  • Size consistency: they can have only +/- 0.010mm deviations
  • Package: re-sealable bag or plastic cap

Standard 6mm whites

0.25g GoldenBall ProSlick Seamless Airsoft BBs – 3000rd BAG



Airsoft .28g BBs 2500 6mm White Golden Ball GB5028W bag



Standard 6mm yellow

0.12g GoldenBall ProSlick JDM-Spec Seamless Airsoft BBs – 5000rd Bag



Standard 6mm black BBs (stealth): they’re harder to trace from shooter standpoint, but also they don’t give away your position – great advantage for snipers

0.20g GoldenBall ProSlick JDM-Spec Airsoft BBs – 4000rd Bag – BLACK



0.25g GoldenBall Seamless BBs – 3000rd Bag – STEALTH BLACK



0.30G GoldenBall Seamless Competition Grade Airsoft BBs – 2500rd BAG



With scientific approach, a team from Germany ran some tests on a bunch BBs of different brands. Here’s the clip with all the tests (English dubbed)

And the results:

Force of Impact
Size consistency Water
Hardness Fragmentation
Range Precision
Brand / Measure unit deviation in Joules deviation in
any deformities milimeters
Fragmented BBs meters /
deviation in
milimiters /
G&G 0.06 0.01 NO 0.42 none 62.4m / 204.7 ft 97.85 mm / 3.85 inch
Gunfire Rockets 0.05 0.02 NO 0.48 none 62.9m / 206.3 ft 290.7 mm / 11.44 inch
Bioval 0.05 0.03 NO 0.51 1 63m / 206.6 ft 171 mm / 6.73 inch
PHX Prime 0.08 0.01 NO 0.57 3 62m / 203.4 ft 320 mm / 12.59 inch
King Arms 0.06 0.01 NO 0.47 none 66m / 216.5 ft 142.5 mm/ 5.61 inch
Speedballs 0.04 0.02 NO 0.54 1 62.5m / 205 ft 133 mm / 5.23 inch
BB King 0.05 0.02 NO 0.55 none 64.4 m / 211.2 ft 118.75 mm / 4.67 inch
ICS 0.05 0.05 NO 0.4 1 60.6 m / 198.8 ft 99.75 mm / 3.92 inch
Green Devil 0.05 0.02 NO 0.39 none 60.4 m / 198.1 ft 153.99 mm / 6.06 inch
HK BBs 0.02 0.02 NO 0.53 none 58.1 m / 190.6 ft 142.5 mm / 5.61 inch
Super King 0.02 0.04 NO 0.56 1 60.1 m / 197.1 ft 312.56 mm / 12.3 inch


  • The winner of each category is in green (there can be multiple winners), the loser is in red
  • The shooting tests were performed with the same GK5C gun
  • Only 0.20g BIOs were used from each brand

The explanation for each test:

  • Force of Impact consistency

the impact consistency from round to round was measured in joules and the deviations measured. We’re looking for small deviation a.k.a. impact consistency

  • Roundness

Samples of BBs were measured with the micrometer. We’re looking for size variations. The smaller the deviation, the better.

  • Water resistance

Samples of BBs were measured with the micrometer and then placed in glass tubes filled with water and left for 24h. They were measured again after 24h and checked for any swelling, deformities or size modifications. All the brands passed with no noticeable water damage.

  • Hardness

BBs from each brand are rubbed with the same weight against the same sheet of glass paper. We’re looking for the BBs that loose the least amount of material

  • Fragmentation test

BBS from each brand are shot from close range in a pair of goggles. We’re looking for BBs that don’t fracture on impact or at least they don’t fracture in splinters.

  • Range

The BBs were sectioned to look for air bubbles that obviously affect the range and accuracy. Then BBs from each brand were shot from the same fixed position to measure the range.

  • Precision

In this most important test, the BBs were shot with the same GK5C gun fixed with a gripping system. The target is placed at 50 meters (164 feet) and consists of a one by one meter (3.2 x 3.2 feet) square grid. The same number of rounds is shot with each BB brand. Behind the grid, there’s a software that registers each hit in the grid. The point where most of the rounds hit is considered the zeroing point and the deviations of all the other shots were measured. We’re looking for the smallest deviation.


The overall winner of this test makes a pretty good candidate for best bb for airsoft snipers:

  1. G&G (also the 1st place in the accuracy test)

Standard 6mm whites

G&G 0.20g Biodegradeable BB 0.2g (5000 BBs)



G&G Armament Perfect Spherical Seamless 6mm Airsoft BBs, 0.20g, 5,000 Rds



G&G Airsoft High Grade BB’s .25G White – 1KG Bag


G&G Armament 1KG Pack 0.28 Gram Airsoft BBs White New 3500ct


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The Best Tracer BBs

If you have a tracer unit and you like to play in the dark, tracer BBs can be a lot of fun. The glow is not just coated on these BBs; the paint is infused with the material. If you don’t want to spend too much on them, you can mix them in 1/5 ratio with whites and still be able to trace them very well in the dark.

G&G Tracer Green 2400R Airsoft BB



There are BIO BBs in aluminum foil:

G & G Bio BB 0.20g / 1KG Aluminum Foil (Green) / G-07-128



  1. ICS 5th place overall, 2nd place in accuracy test

Standard 6mm whites

ICS 3500 Rounds of Competition Grade White Bio-Degradable .20g 6mm



0.25g / 3500 rounds / Biodegradable



0.20g / 3500 rounds / Re-sealable bag



500 ICS Aluminum 0.30g Airsoft BBs



  1. Bioval 3rd place overall


Bioval 0.20-gram Airsoft BBs 5000-ct. Bag



Bioval Technologies Biodegradable Airsoft BBs, 0.30g, White, 3,300 Rds




If you want to go for something cheaper for low-end guns and a good choice are the Crossman and Thunder BBs. These are decent BBs, but they’re not recommended for quality guns.


Best cheap airsoft BBs



Crosman Elte ASP10K12 AirSoft Premier Double Polished BBs Ammo,0.12g, 10000 Count


Crosman AirSoft 5,000 ct. Bottle White Heavy AirSoft BBs (.20 grams)



Thunder BBs

ThunderBBs Airsoft BBs 0.12, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.36, 0.38G, competition grade